About Us

We at Lee's Dog Grooming have been doing this for half a century!

We are the longest running, most experienced dog grooming service in the area. We are also one of the few groomers who offer a full range of grooming services. From simple nail clipping to the more complicated longhair trimming and everything in-between.

The love we all have for dogs is so strong that it really doesn’s feel like work to us. Dog grooming feels more like a labor of love than anything else, and that’s what makes it so great!

Why do customers hire groomers instead of doing it for themselves?

A lot of time it would be not knowing how to do it. We've had a few dogs that came in that customers tried doing it and ended up cutting their own dog.


Meet The Lee Team

If you love your pet and want them to feel comfortable, it can't always be a DIY thing. We're here to help.

Founded by a groomer over 50 years ago, we take care of your animal with personalized care. From just a simple nails to an affordable grooming spa day, we're ready to accommodate any dog.

Want your pet looking their best? Stop by for a visit today!

Proudly serving Colorado Springs, Colorado with our professional services!